Romantic Valentine's Day Ideas

If you’re like me, you ran out of romantic Valentine’s Day ideas sometime in the fifth grade. This holiday, stuck between New Year’s and Easter, is a commercially masterminded mess coated in romantic intentions. When you’re ready to celebrate with a romantic Valentine’s Day idea, try one of the tactics below. These are all tested and proven unique Valentine’s Day celebrations.

  1. Fourteen Days of Love — To show your lover how special he or she is to you, start sending them small presents and reminds on February 1st and keep it up for two weeks, right up until the big day itself. Mix up the gifts with romantic thoughts. For example, on the tenth day, you could write a list of “Ten Reasons Why I Love You”, or on the 8th day, write a card that says “I Love You 8 Days a Week”! It doesn’t have to be brilliant, just original and private between you and your partner.
  2. Cook a big meal together — Valentine’s Day is traditionally a day when couples go out to eat, to dance, to go to the theater or do something else romantic outside of their home. This is really strange considering that the two of you would have the most romantic and enjoyable time simply sharing one another’s presence. Stay at home and cook an extra large meal of foods you’ve never tried, or cook only foods that go well with champagne and drink bubbly all night. Whatever it is, make it a special meal, and your partner won’t even once wish you had gone out together instead.
  3. Valentine’s Day classics — Some romantic Valentine’s Day ideas are classic and are that way for a reason. A nice breakfast served to your lover in bed is a perfectly classic and romantic way to start a special day for the two of you. You could follow this up surprising your lover with a dozen roses, or a song sung to your partner by a barbershop quartet or other singing group. We all know the classic Valentine’s Day romances — follow what works and has always worked in the past and you can’t go wrong.
  4. Over-the-top Romance — Some romantic Valentine’s Day ideas are way outside the box. If you want to make a big impression on your lover, you can hire a skywriter to spell out words of affection while the two of you picnic. If you have the resources, rent a billboard for the day and declare your love for your sweetheart for the world to see. I once had a friend pay to have flyers dropped all over the university he and his fiancee attended, declaring how much he loved her and featuring a beautiful photo of the two of them. While that may not be environmentally friendly, it certainly is thinking big — and the bigger the better if you’re going for a romantic Valentine’s day idea that is over the top.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a day you fear. If you’ve run out of romantic Valentine’s Day ideas, read the above material again and think outside the box. In reality, whatever special thing you do for the one you love will probably be enough. Just make your actions and words sincere, original, and private.

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