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There should be countless speed dating stories to read about online, since speed dates are supposded to be about quantity instead of quality.

What Is Speed Dating?

If you’re wondering what the heck a “speed date” is, that’s a type of dating environment where people sit in front of one another for a prearranged time – around five minutes – and engage in a quick date-like conversation. After your time has elapsed, the two of you move on to your next speed date, and so on and so on.

Therefore, anyone who has speed dated before should theoretically have lots of speed dating stories to talk about. Even one evening of speed dating should rack up 10-15 speed date success stories or horror stories, or a few of each. The idea is you find out real quick whether there’s a spark and you move on if there isn’t.

At the end of the night, you submit your name and contact information with the speed date organizer any and all of the people with whom you think you had a connection. Everyone else does the same and, if one or more of the people on your list also listed you, the two of you can contact one another, get to know one another or even go out on the town for the evening on a traditional date.

Typically, a speed dating event is organized by one person or group of people and the idea is to have the same number of men and women at the event, so no one is ever without a partner. The speed dating concept was invented around 10 years ago and events happen in major cities all the time. Speed dating settles a number of issues modern singles in the 21st century have: time constraints, meeting new people, instant sparks and social awkwardness. Speed dating cuts through the rituals of dating and gets down to basic. It may seem strange at first, but you’ll get over your shyness real quick.

Speed Date Story Examples

So what are examples of a speed date story. Well, they come fast and furious, so you can go through peaks and valleys all night. Here’s a typical example of a night out speed dating.

“My name is Thomas. I attended a speed dating event for hetero singles last week. Each speed date was 5 minutes. There were 18 men and 18 women.

My first speed date was Kylie. She is a student and a single mother of one (daughter). Kylie talked about cosmotology school and romance. She wanted to know about my last girlfriend and ‘what kind of career I was in’. Though Kylie was attractive physically, something about her instant focus on jobs and money turned me off. She’s not going on the list.

My second speed date was Sarah. She works as an accountant and is really smart. Sarah talks about her cats and the books she likes. I hate cats and cat smells. Ironically, Sarah compliments me on my cologne. Sarah has on dark red lipstick. I ask her about the tattoo with a crucifix that says “Christ” on it. While I’m not against goth’ed up women per se, Sarah is a little overweight and a black blouse shows cat hair too much. Probably shallow of me, but that’s a turnoff.

My third speed date was Aimee. Aimee is a hot dental hygienist who loves to dance and enjoys a glass of Chivas. We have an instant spark, because I like good whiskey, too, and women with some spirit and energy. She tells me I’m cute, that she likes my smile and that I smell nice (2 of those; must have chosen right). Then she drops the bombshell: she’s married, but separated. Aimee only showed up because she’s friends with the organizer, who had a last minute cancellation and needed an extra woman to fill out the roster. I laugh and tell Aimee she’s a buzzkill and advise her not to tell that to the other guys. She definitely was going on the list, but not now.

It goes on somewhat like this for three more speed dates. One of them spends all her time talking about karaoke, that her and Guy #5 have in common. Scratch her off the list.

My seventh speed date is Beth. Beth enjoys roller blading, cycling and rock climbing. She is a salesperson and describes herself as competitive. Beth has long blonde hair and is dressed very smartly. You can tell she has her act together, but she says she moved to the city for work 4 months ago and hasn’t had time to date yet. She has a rule about dating co-workers. We spend 4:15 talking about Beth, but that’s cool, because she says it’s been awhile since she focused on “herself”. About four minutes in, Beth realizes it’s all about her, so she asks me for a 45 second bio. I spend 55 seconds and have to be pulled away by the organizer. I’m intrigued and so is Beth.

We have two more speed dates that bomb, then take a break after nine. We start up with three more before I catch a break, though 10 (Becky) and 12 (Sammi) are definite maybes.

Becky is a little older, but she works out and she’s hot. She has her act together. Sammi is the complete opposite: an art student who’s a little stuck up, but with a love of the same cinema and music. Sammi tells me I’m “the closest thing to date-able yet”.

Speed Date #11 is a complete disaster (more some other time).

Maybe I’m starting to get the hang of it, but after about 10 or so, I start losing my inhibitions and just start shooting from the hip. I wonder if everybody else is the same way?

My thirteenth speed date is Trina, who is a professional blogger and a self-described “know-it-all”. She has a good sense of humor about herself and wants to know why I’m here. She lets on she’s doing this for a blog post and I say that’s cynical. We laugh. I tell her I’m speed dating on a drunken dare. She asks me my real reasons and I keep coming up with increasingly more bizarre explanations. (I have amnesia and I’m trying to jar my memories; I’m an undercover homocide detective investigating the “Speed Dating Killer”; I’m searching for the exact body double of my dead wife)

Trina and I pretty much joke around and flirt that way through the 5 minutes and we learn nothing about one another, except that we can share a laugh. At the end, Trina asks me if I like concerts and I say, “yes I do, but only if it’s good music” with the emphasis on “good”. Trina asks we what the heck that means, but time’s up, so I tell her she’ll have to get back to me on that. Trina goes on the list.

I go through speed dates #14 through #17 and nothing incredible happens. #15 (Amy) is a girl who used to date an acquaintance of mine and was a psycho. She tells me she always had a thing for me. That one could be trouble.

One incidental tidbit: #16 mentions karaoke, too. I don’t get it.

My final date is #18 (Cathy). I have a list of some maybes and I’m pretty worn out by the whole experience. Cathy admits she’s pretty much the same, so we come to an agreement: the two of us pretty much coast in. I ask her to describe the guys she’s going to put on her list, and so she does (4-5 guys; I forget). I do the same, though I leave off one or two I might otherwise list later. There’s only 5 minutes.

I think Cathy and I could be friends, but I think 18 speed dates is a few too many, because that’s a lot of breaking the ice and lots of tension, so you kind of lose your energy at a point. At least Cathy agrees with me.

My standards are different at the end, mainly because I have perspective. I eventually put Kylie (I lied earlier), Aimee, Beth, Becky, Sammi and Trina on my list.  That’s 6 of 18. I actually had the good sense to leave off Amy, though I have to admit, I thought about it for a split second. And yes, I listed a married woman, but I thought, ‘Aimee issss separated, so maybe when she gets the divorce…’

All in all, a pretty good list for one speed dating session. A couple were borderline, but I decided I might give it a chance after thinking about it a while.”

Speed Dating Events

So there you have it: a real life blow-by-blow account of a speed date night. Eighteen people at one event is impressive, even if they had to stock it with one married woman. That makes me laugh.

Speed Dating Story Submissions

I would like to hear other peoples’ speed dating stories, if they were willing to submit them. Since anyone is going to have relatively limited knowledge of a subject like speed dates, I would like to hear other speed daters’ stories.

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