Love Spells

Let’s talk about Love Spells.

Yes, I’m talking about magical spells to make people fall in love with you. Sorcery…Charms…Old-fashioned “Glamour”, you might say.

Now, after my blog post about “Love Psychics” the other day, you’re probably guessing what I think about love spells in general and free love spells posted on the internet in specific.

But, you know what?

I’m keeping my opinion to myself, because I’m assuming that people who post online love spells probably claim to know all kinds of other sorcerous magics, and frankly I don’t want to get on their bad side. I don’t want the hex, so to speak.

So get ready for an even-handed portrayal of love spells, just in case. Fair and balanced. You decide.

Free Love Spells

I went to several typical love spell websites and saw phrases like “free love spells“, “guaranteed spells for love!” and “powerful spells“. I also saw phrases like “black magic“, “white magick“, “powerful voodoo“, “money witchcraft” and “wicca free spells“. I’m guessing this second site had more aggressive love spells, or at least more complicated ones.

After tooling around a bit on the love spells home pages, I navigated to pages that offered these following free love spells (along with at least one place where I could sign up for a free spells newsletter). Under the “Free Love Spells” category, you’ll find a whole list of love spells to help you succeed in love. Here’s a small list of the spells being offered for free.

Examples of Free Love Spells

  • Beauty Spell – Go out to a secluded spot on a moonlight night, strip naked and anoint yourself with rose oil on the body parts you want to become more beautiful. (Chanting required.)
  • Make Your Lover Leave You – On a “Saturn day”, buy a new pen and write “Begone!” and your lover’s name on a piece of toilet tissue. Flush the tissue down the toilet.
  • Making Love Pagan Style (now this one I like) – Prepare the room where you and your sex partner will be. Cleanse the air, add soft music and flower petals covering the bed. Shower together, wash one another to cleanse away the past, then focus on each other, letting your spirits leave your body and enter the other’s. (I’ve performed about half of that spell before without even knowing it: the part with the music, the air freshener and the rose petals. Who knew that was magical?)
  • Divine Love Spell – Well, this one doesn’t actually contain a divine love spell, but it contains an explanation and a warning by a spell caster who claims she had lots of people write her saying her spell didn’t work for them. She mentioned that not everyone has the gift of love spellcasting, and that those who do spend years learning their skills. She went on to mention that those who want a love spell cast should find an accomplished spell caster to help them. You know, if you want a job done, I’ve always said you go to a specialist.
  • Manufacturing Mr. Right or Mrs. Right – Get a clear picture of your perfect mate. Make a collage of what your relationship should be like, including needs and wants. Focus a long time and chant verbally about this love, so it becomes a reality.
  • To Attract a Lover – This spell had a particular warning. “Warning: Spell Only Works Once a Lifetime” in ALL-CAPS. First, you get the hair of the person you love, drop this hair into a fire, then say a set of “powerful words” while the hair is burning. These words are about six lines long, with about half of them in ALL-CAPS. I think that suggests you need to shout out those particular powerful words.
  • Banishing an Unwanted Admirer – Get vervain leaves and start a small fire, preferably outside and definitely during a waning moon. Perform the same ritual three nights in a row, where you burn the vervain leaves and call out the name of the person you wish to banish from your life. (My Suggestion: Perform the chant within earshot of the person you wish to banish and they are almost certain to get out of your life.)
  • Make Your Girlfriend Faithful – (Note: Apparently guys are immune to this spell, which is about right. Lousy guys.) You’ll need a white candle, a thorn of a white rose bush, pictures of you & your girlfriend, as well as gifts you gave her (not sure how you get these back). Then you burn the candle on the last night of a waning moon, using the thorn to carve a phrase three times into the candle. This phrase invokes the “God of all things” to make your girlfriend stay faithful forever. When the candle burns itself out, you hide it and all the belongings in a safe place (apparently for all eternity).

Free Non-Manipulative Love Spells

There are also provisions for “Non-Manipulative Love Spells”, where presumably you don’t actually work “invasive magicks” on a person.

But I think you get the point. There are a lot of free online love spells that can help you find your soul mate and then bind them to you for time immemorial.

Or you might consider finding someone who is attractive to you and shares some of your same interests, and talking to them and maybe asking them out. Try to have a good time and establish good chemistry, as well as good communication and mutual respect for one another. Maybe if you do these things, you won’t have to cast magical spells on the people you love.

But that’s just one alternative approach to romance.

Warning – Most Spells and Magick are Completely Bogus

I loved one of the articles I found on one of these sites. It claimed that most online spell authors are bogus scam artists and you shouldn’t spend thousands of dollars on their spells. (Does this happen?) The love spell ad then suggests you send your money to them, because their spells will win your lover back. (100% confidential, 100% money-back guarantee!)

They go on to mention that they can show you a powerful “scientific” love spell. (Scientific Magic? Interesting…) Don’t spend thousands on the sorcery scam artists: buy the real thing from us. Included are 4 things you absolutely can’t do when trying to get your lover back. (Note From “Dating Online Staff”: Many people are turned off when they their obsessed ex-lovers have gotten into the occult, so I wouldn’t suggest you mention you’re actually trying to perform magick to most “mundies”, if you know what I mean.)

Love Spells – A Final Comment

Okay, so maybe I wasn’t able to resist being just as much of a wise-acre as I was about the love psychics.

But it sounds like, even in the most fantastical estimations, love magic is something that can’t be commanded by just anyone. Most people won’t be able to rely on love spells to keep their romance on the straight and narrow, or coerce their boyfriend or girlfriend to stay with them. With that in mind, and keeping in mind that mutual love, respect and communication are known to work very well in a love relationship, you should probably just play the odds and try out those tactics instead.

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