Tall Women Dating Shorter Men

Taller Women Dating Short Men

Let’s discuss a topic we’ve never remotely touched on before: tall women dating shorter men.

While I wouldn’t say it’s a social stigma for a woman to be taller than the man she dates or marries, when the two of them go out, there’s a good chance this couple is going to get a few stares.

But when the average height for a man is 5’9.2″ and the average height for a woman is 5’3.8″, seeing a tall woman with a short man is just rare enough to elicit reactions from the more aware or the less well-mannered people you see on the street.

Reason Tall Women Don’t Date Shorter Men

There are a number of reasons women give for not dating shorter men. Some of these make perfect sense. Some sound like complete nonsense. Some sound reasonable, but don’t stand up to analysis. Listen to what tall women have to say.

Bending Over to Kiss Makes Their Back Hurt – This is a complete nonsense excuse. You never hear a tall man complain that kissing his much shorter girlfriend makes his back hurt. I refuse to believe that woman are so frail that slightly stooping to kiss their man is going to hurt their back. She might be uncomfortable doing this, but it’s probably no less comfortable than a woman standing on her tip toes to kiss her beau.

I’ve heard women say that they don’t mind, as long as their man is not a head taller or head shorter than them. This is reasonable, because a couple with a foot of height distance between them do look awkward kissing. Women don’t mind, as long as they aren’t a head taller or a head shorter. That makes certain things like kissing or conversing easily when walking problematic.

Feeling Protected – Some tall women say that dating a taller man makes them feel better protected. This is a reasonable enough assumption, given that bigger men look tougher and (on average) other men are less likely to pick a fight with them.

Who do you want to walk down a dark alley with? Trouble is probably less likely to happen with a tall, imposing man, but if trouble starts, then you might get more protection from the shorter man than you imagine – provided he isn’t a complete pantywaist. Because people are less likely to mess with a physically large man, the shorter men are often more experienced fighters. This is the “little man syndrome” at work.

Smaller men have probably been physically challenged more often in their lives, and they are more likely to have had to show their manhood by defending themselves. Some little men feel the need to defend their machismo at the slightest provocation, because they have a chip on their shoulder at the thought of backing down.

So who protects a woman better? Does experience in physical confrontations outweigh the great mass and strength that comes with being taller? The answer is only sometimes. While a tall, thick man is obviously going to be a stronger physically, it’s often quite the opposite with tall, thin men.

Go to a gym and notice the strength disparity between the tall, lanky men and the short, stocky men. The shorter guys often bench-press a lot more than the taller guys. (Though they do have an advantage, shorter arms, so less lifting required.) Shorter guys are often better built and stronger than men taller than them.

In the end, I can see why a woman wants a deterrant instead of a defender, since most people don’t want trouble. But if you don’t want trouble, don’t walk down a dark alley.

I Just Don’t Like Dating Shorter Men – This is reasonable, if a tall woman has dated shorter men and didn’t like the experience. But tall women shouldn’t just assume they aren’t going to like dating a shorter man. Have a date with a shorter man first. Confirm, instead of just assume. Find a short man with obvious confidence to date a tall woman. Make sure he fits all your other rules of attraction. Then give the man a shot. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

People Are Going to Stare – If you are the type of person who doesn’t like standing out in a crowd or being gawked at, I understand this attitude. There are a few rubes who are likely to stare, but these are people who probably aren’t worth your worries, anyway.

Many tall women were among the tallest kids growing up. They probably had times in their childhood that their stature made them feel awkward. Heck, they might actually have been gangly and awkward. If so, they might feel like towering over the people around them, especially the man they’re dating, makes them feel like that awkward little girl once more.

This is a reasonable self-defense mechanism. But you’re an adult now and you should have the confidence to date who you like. There are a lot of tall women who say dating a shorter man can boost the woman’s confidence. Towering over their man gives them a sense of power.

Be proud enough to walk through a crowded place with your shorter man, taking the stares and still feeling good about yourself and your relationship. Doing so is confidence building. Shatter the barriers in your mind by showing you’re not afraid to break a few of society’s more unreasonable conventions.

I Want to Wear High Heels – Tall women want to wear high heels and look sexy, too. So do it. You’re just like any other woman. If you date a shorter man and he’s shown he’s confident in dating a tall woman, I guarantee you he’s going to want to see you in high heels. Be sexy. Be a woman. Don’t worry about how it’s going to look to the critics.

Short Men Tips

If you’re a short man wanting to mitigate some of the visual effects of dating a tall woman, here are a few tips that might help.

  • Wear boots with a thick heel that give you 2-3 more inches of height. Be comfortable in these boots, though, or else the effect is lost.
  • Wear vertical stripes on your shirts, suits, or jackets. These give the illusion of added high.
  • Wear solid colors, instead of mixing-and-matching colors. This also gives the appearance of length.
  • For short cowboys, don’t wear thick belts and big buckles. This detracts from your height.
  • On first dates, be prepared to adjust your stride. Walk slightly faster, because her longer strides may outdistance yours. If you start to fall behind, this is quite unattractive to most people.
  • Stay in shape. Add muscle instead of fat. This gives short men the appearance of size, without making them appear tubby.
  • Have good posture. Posture make you appear confident, but it also adds an inch or two to your height. Make the most of whatever physical stature you have.
  • Don’t be ashamed of your height. If a taller woman makes a remark about your height (rude, I know), don’t get mad, rude, or sullen. Tell her, “So what?”, and move on. Be confident and exude confidence.
  • Don’t lean forward when you’re talking. To a taller person, this is going to look like you’re slouching, giving the appearance you lack strength or confidence.
  • Have confidence. Women constantly reply in polls that confidence is the main trait they look for in a man. Tall women want a man who is confident enough to handle a tall woman.

Tips for Tall Women Dating

Since we’re mainly talking to women in this article, I wanted to add a section of tips for tall women dating short men, too.

  • Don’t slouch. Some tall women slouch to lower their overall height, but slouching is a bad habit and bad posture is unhealthy. Besides, good posture is attractive, so slouching is going to make you look less attractive, not more attractive.
  • Understand that you won’t be for every man. You probably have turnoffs or physical requirements for the men you date. Maybe you don’t like bearded men. Should a bearded man be insulted or get his feelings hurt that you aren’t attracted to him? No, so you shouldn’t worry about not being attractive to certain men – everyone has their quirks.
  • Have a good sense of humor and have “material”. Memorize comebacks for men who feel threatened by tall women and want to make remarks. Be a comedian and have some material, so you aren’t flat-footed when these inevitable remarks come. A laugh turneth away wrath, and nothing deflects criticism better than a good sense of humor. Have some that are self-deprecating, and have some that turns it back on the man, just in case they are persistant.
  • Being a tall woman is an advantage. If a guy is shallow or lacks the confidence to date a tall woman, you know immediately. Women of average height may not know they are dating a shallow guy or a guy lacking real confidence until after many dates.
  • Only date a secure man. If the man is insecure about dating a woman taller than him, it’s never going to work. Short men should be “man enough” to date a taller woman.
  • Increase your dating pool. There are a lot of losers out there, and a lot of tall losers. Disqualifying a huge section of the male population due to measurement requirements makes your dating pool even smaller. Your criterion of dating taller men is making it less likely you’ll find the right guy.

Dating Tips for Taller Women

So sure, the “tall, dark and handsome” man has been the traditional ideal male prototype. But we live in an imperfect world, and sometimes great relationships defy conventions. There are plenty of short men with great jobs and nice salaries. There are plenty of short men who dress sharply and take care of themselves. There are plenty of short men who exude confidence and who love a tall woman, too.

While you might be able to beat the odds and find the perfect man who is the perfect height taller than you, you can increase your odds of finding Mr. Right if you expand your notion of a perfect man by getting rid of height requirements. Tall women dating shorter men is so 21st century.

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