The Best of Dating Zen and – November Edition

Every now and then, maybe once a month, we’re going to start posting a list of our most popular pages. My thinking is that if a page here is getting a lot of traffic, it’s either about an important subject that people want to know about, or it’s a really good article, or both. So here’s an easy way to find the important good stuff at Dating Zen and at

The Best Dating Zen Blog Posts

These are the most popular blog posts we’ve written:

  1. 100 Love Songs – Top 100 lists are always popular content. If this looks interesting to you, then you’ll probably also be interested in our recently launched minisite, Country Music Love Songs.
  2. Dating Sim GameOne way to practice your dating skills is to use a sim game, as discussed in this blog post.
  3. 40 Ways to Get Laid More Often – I wonder why this subject would be so popular?
  4. Romantic Halloween Ideas – We’ll be making posts with romantic Thanksgiving ideas and romantic Christmas ideas soon too. Holidays are perfect for romance.
  5. 100 Dating Experts on Twitter – Anything related to Twitter becomes popular. This is a pretty handy list, if we do say so ourselves.
  6. How to Create a Catchy Headline for an Online Dating Profile – Everyone could use a little help with this.
  7. The Ultimate Life Improvement Toolkit – Improving your life involves more than just finding love. Sometimes improving your life is a precursor to finding love.
  8. Love Horoscope 2009 – A humorous and somewhat skeptical look at our blogger’s love horoscope for 2009.
  9. Love Quotes – Quotations about love and romance are always popular. Here are some of our favorites. (You might also enjoy our new minisite about funny life quotes.)
  10. Love Spells – A look at sorcery and magic as used related to love and romance. Less skeptical than you might expect.

The Best of

We also have some popular articles in the static section of our site. Here are some of our most popular articles:

  1. Bedroom Advice for Married Couples – This article doesn’t cover stuff like which mattress to buy, either.
  2. Classic Romantic Novels – I firmly believe that lovers of literature make the best lovers.
  3. How to Introduce Yourself on a Dating Website – Handy for so many different people. Suppose you’ve been out of the dating game for a while. If you’ve been out of the game long enough, then you probably never used a dating website. So you might need help writing your introduction. I’m just saying.
  4. 100 Romantic Movies Your Girlfriend Will Love – If you can’t get enough ideas from this list, we’ve just launched another microsite, Good Movies to Rent.
  5. Couples Retreats and Better Sex – Believe it or not, this post was NOT inspired by the recent Vince Vaughan movie. (Although we did think that was a pretty funny film.)
  6. 10 NFL Players We’d Like to Date – Pure silliness, this one.
  7. How to Introduce Yourself Without Telling Too Much – Lots of people have this problem, and here’s how to solve it.
  8. Breakup Quotes and Quotations – Proof again that you can create a quotes and quotations page about nearly anything. (We have a minisite with breaking up advice too, if you’re interested.)
  9. Christian Breakup Tips – How should a Christian handle a breakup? What would Jesus do if he were dumping you, or worse, you were dumping him?
  10. How to Find a Free Date – In a sense, that’s kinduva funny title, because the opposite of a free date is a date that you pay for, which in a sense could be…never mind.

We’ll continue to blog and also to add new static content to the site, and I’ll make another post like this in December probably.

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