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People looking for “Things to Do on a Date” might be looking for ideas and suggestions for date activities, or they might be looking for dating advice and tips. So I’ve decided to post links to a wide range of articles we’ve posted over the past year giving general dating advice.

This information will be useful for both men and women. We’ll cover things to do on a date for singles dating, serious couples who’ve been dating for a while and even for married couples. There should be something for everyone on at least one of these dating articles you’ll be reading. So without further introduction, here are a whole bunch of dating tips.

Dating Ideas – Things To Do on a Date

Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas – Women love Valentines Day, while many guys dread the need to “do something special” for Heart Day. So here are ideas for all the romantic (or not-so romantic) guys and girls out there.

Romantic New Year’s Ideas – New Year’s Eve is a good milestone for dating couples, where you look back on the past year and look ahead to your next year together. Here are special ideas for commemorating New Years with your loved one.

Romantic Christmas Ideas – Couples are going to spend time over the holidays shopping, exhanging gifts and visiting families. That middle thing in great, but the other two can be a beating for a serious couple. So here are some tips to make you Christmas time more romantic.

Romantic Thanksgiving Ideas – Heck, we even offered up Thanksgiving ideas for dating people. While these might not all qualify as things to do on a date, you can incorporate one or two of these into your dating life.

Romantic Halloween Ideas – Halloween is highly underrated as a time for dating couples to bond. Early fall is a romantic time of year, while couples are crazy if they don’t go to at least one Halloween party per year. Think about it; when else are you going to be able to talk your lover into wearing something sexy and revealing so easily?

Best Travel Destinations for Eco Friendly Singles – For those who fly out of the country on a date, but want to do so without leaving too big of a carbon footprint, this guest-post offers the best eco-friendly destinations for dating couples in the world.

50 Ways to be More Creative in Your Relationship – Here you go: fifty ideas for things to do in your dating life to make you and your partner happier, more satisfied and more “in love”.

First Date Conversations – When you’re about to go on a first date, initiating a good conversation can be nervous and sometimes disastrous. Here’s some good first date tips for men and women.

20 Dating Ideas For Teens – Teenagers may not have the money and the means to get all over a big city, but here are twenty date ideas to take you beyond the dinner-and-a-movie phase of your dating relationship.

Dating Tips – Things To Do on a Date

Teenage Dating Tips – General dating advice for teens, including safety, etiquette and things to keep in mind when you’re having a first date.

How To Behave on a Date – This falls into the dating etiquette section. We get asked date manners questions all the time.

College Dating Tips – For those college age singles, we offer good advice for how to map out your college dating strategy.

20 Mens Dating Tips – Twenty suggestions for men who are about to go on a date and try to impress a woman.

Dating Tips For Women – Serious dating tips for women, which mainly focuses on how to conduct a first date with the maximum safety in place.

101 Dating Tips – This article is a virtual e-book on dating, with 101 suggestions and ideas for daters and other singles.

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