Tips for a Successful Online Dating Profile

So you’ve joined an online dating site, but you have yet to really find and meet anyone special? Spending just a little time and effort on your profile can make a significant difference in your online dating experience and improve the chances of finding your perfect match.

Your profile photo is arguably the single most important factor of your dating profile. People sometimes like to pretend that looks don’t matter, but let’s face it: online dating is a numbers game. Any single dating site has thousands, even millions of members, and you’ve got to get the right person interested in you. Think about how you browse online dating sites. You will enter some information that you are looking for such as: gender, age and location. Then when hundreds or thousands of profiles come up, you scan them quickly and click on the profile photos that appeal to you. That is the behaviour of most singles on online dating sites.

Take a few minutes to look through all your recent photos on your computer or more commonly your mobile phone. Find one that is clear, where the lighting is good and preferably one where you’re smiling. It doesn’t need to be a full-body shot, just an engaging head shot that will get you noticed and more importantly remembered. Choose a good picture, of course, but one that you are comfortable with. Don’t choose a “glamour shot,” where you look substantially better than you normally do, to the point where the picture doesn’t even look like you and is unrepresentative of what you actually look like day in and day out. The last thing you want when you meet your potential suitor is to see the disappointed look in their eyes when he realises you look nothing like the photo you posted on your dating profile. The photographs generally need not be posed; some fun action shots can work as well. And if you manage to find a bunch of good photos of yourself, nearly every dating site allows you to post more than one.

An often overlooked element to a dating profile is the username. Choose a fun username that describes you, one of your strongest or most memorable traits or something you are passionate about like a hobby, sports team or your occupation. If your chosen name is already taken, just add a few numbers to the end, or commonly the last two digits of the year you were born.

Try and provide as much information as you can about yourself and answer all the questions that the site poses. These questions are there for a reason, and it is to your advantage to answer them honestly and correctly. You may be asked which religion you are and how important it is to date someone of the same religion. You may be asked if you smoke or drink and how you feel about dating someone who does. You may be asked what type of a relationship you’re looking for and whether you have or want children. If you are hoping to be successful with your profile then honesty will take you a long way. If you are just looking for a date and to keep things casual, say so. If you are looking for a long-term relationship, indicate that.

If you are very serious and looking for marriage and children then a potential suitor needs to know that, too. These types of answer help the site to match you with appropriate dating partners and help you to narrow down the pool of available singles when searching.

Many dating profiles will allow an element of free writing and a section where you can write about yourself. For many, this may be the most difficult and awkward part. Try and not to include information that is already automatically listed on your profile. Include information such as any specific hobbies you have, your likes and dislikes and what you like to do in your spare time. Be creative. You may even want to write about your ideal first date. This information can help the match determine both the compatibility and suitability of your profile and of you. The free writing section also gives you the opportunity to work some humour in, should you choose to do so, and this can be effective with many singles listing humour highly in a list of desirable characteristics. Don’t make it too long. A long profile will rarely be finished and read, so usually a few hundred words will suffice. You may also want to get a friend to write this for you or simply proofread and check your efforts. Bad grammar, spelling and punctuation can be a turn off for a large number of singles; appearing intelligent helps.

Putting some work into a successful online dating profile can pay off in the best way imaginable: meeting your soul mate. Isn’t that worth it?


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