Top 10 Online Dating Tips

Our “Top 10 online dating tips” focus on your personal privacy and personal safety when dating online. You can find articles on our online dating site that will give you good online dating advice for making a good first impression on your online dating profile, in your chat room sessions and on the first date. But when meeting a stranger you meet at an internet dating service, I wanted to include an article specifically addressing your personal safety. Here are ten online dating tips for protecting your life and your health when meeting dates online.

  1. Never give out any personal information over the phone or internet.

    I’ll touch on this several times in this article, because it’s just that important. It’s easy to network online to millions of other people, but just because that guy seems nice over the internet does not mean that they are. You know nothing about an online person other than what he or she tells you. Do not give anyone you do not personally know your personal information such as. Personal information includes full name, date of birth, social security number, your home number, your work phone number, your addresses or any financial information.

    Most of the people you meet online will be nice people looking to find companionship or just make friends online. But you will occasionally find someone who wants to prey on lonely people, perhaps using their personal information to rob them. Occasionally, you’ll meet someone who is emotionally unbalanced, so you don’t want to give someone the information they need to stalk you. Wait until you meet this individual in person and figure out how they present themselves on your date. Even then, I would wait a while to give out sensitive information.

  2. Top 10 Online Dating TipsNever rush into things.When you meet someone online and start talking to them, you may think that you completely click and want to rush into meeting them. This can be a big mistake. Just because a person tells you something about themselves, does not mean it’s true. This guy could be anyone with any agenda, so proceed with caution. Wait a while, take your time and see how pushy he or she is. The more time you take, the more information you have.
  3. Do not give out your personal phone number.This is the technology age and with the new technology, the ability to find out other people’s personal information has increased. Someone you take your phone information and can search online with a phone number and find out who it is registered to and where you live at. Don’t be a victim; protect your information.
  4. Do not call from your personal phone.

    If you have met someone online and they have given you their number and want you to call them, you can do that, but do NOT call them from your personal phone. When you call from your phone, your information will be on display for this person. Then, you will be in a position as if you had given them your number. So if you must call them, go to a payphone or in the very least block your phone number by dialing *67 before dialing the number. This will block the number from coming up on caller ID. Although a better solution to this problem is to call them with an online phone system such as Yahoo or Skype.

  5. Never meet anyone by yourself.Once you have talked to someone for a while either online or on the phone and the two of you have decided to meet, never do it alone. You should either take a friend with you when you meet your online date for the first time. If you insist on meeting them one-on-one, at least take other precautions. Meet your date in a crowded public place. At the same time, let someone close to you know where you are going and when you expect to be back. Keep in contact with your friend by calling them once or twice in the night. You never know who you are meeting, so no matter how nice they seem online or over the phone, be careful.
  6. Always go Dutch.Chivalry is dead, at least on first dates. Although many people still believe that the man should pay for the date, this is the 21st century. Things have changed quite a bit. Never go on a first date expecting the other person to pay. Although many men may offer to pick up the bill, if you pay your own way, you aren’t indebted to them in any way. You don’t feel like you owe them anything. Many times, when one party pays the bill, that date feels the other person owes them something like another date, a kiss or more. So just to be safe, go Dutch and you can order whatever you want with ease.
  7. Avoid alcohol on the first date.As most adults know, drinking alcohol will impair your judgment on things. So if you are going on a first date with someone you have never met before, you should probably not drink. You want your senses to be fully alert when being around someone you don’t really know. You already have to be careful meeting them, so don’t add to the difficulty by drinking.
  8. Never trust the person.I’m coming back to this again, because it’s just that important. You can hope this date goes alright and you fall in love; just don’t expect or trust that everything goes alright and you’ll meet your soul mate. Take precautions.

    Too commonly, people let their guard down when meeting someone online. When you meet someone in person, your guard is up until you get to know the person and are able to trust them. But too often people online just automatically trust strangers. This is a big, big mistake.

    You should have your double guard up because you can not look into their eyes and have the ability to see if they are lying or tell you the truth.

  9. Never tell your personal routines.When you are meeting someone for the first time, you want to get to know them and what their likes, dislikes and hobbies are. This is a good thing to do, but don’t get too specific. Although not all people are bad, there are bad people in the world that meet single people to scam, rob or injure them in another way. This is why you should never let your guard down or give out specifics no matter how nice they are. Telling them that you enjoy bike riding is one thing, but telling them that you get up every morning at 6 and ride to ABC park and back gives them too much information.
  10. Always go with your gut instinct.Don’t ignore your instincts. Your first instinct is usually the best one to go by. Don’t go against your feelings, listen to them. If your gut tells you that something is wrong, cut the date short and get out of their. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Top 10 Online Dating Tips – Final Comments

Once again, I’m not trying to scare you out of the online dating scene. Most of the people you’ll meet in online dating will be just like you: a person hoping to meet new people and make a connection. But all it takes is to meet the wrong person once to turn your life upside down. So keep your guard up always when meeting your internet date, because until you have known this person face-to-face for a long time, you are essentially having a date with a complete stranger.

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