Review claims to be different from the rest. Why? Because the site was developed in collaboration with Scientific Adviser Dr. Helen Fisher, “world-renowned biological anthropologist, author, and expert in the science of human attraction.” Dr. Fisher has researched and identified the key components of attraction and helped to integrate them into the service. The result? A matchmaking website that might just offer something beyond the competition.

Everyone wants a fulfilling relationship, and with the proliferation of Internet dating sites, it should be easier than ever to find someone special. Yet many of us have tried these sites only to walk away disappointed. Either we’re matched with partners in different countries, or we begin a dialogue only to find we have little in common with the potential match. Worst of all is when we think we’ve found someone promising only to discover on the first date that we’re way off the map.

The website is a premium dating service developed and offered by (see our review of Established in 1995, continues to evolve. To that end, it brings you the service that bills itself as an online community where members can get to know one another before the first date. The goal of the site is to provide members with a dating experience that “feels like you’re meeting for the second time.”

Current Promotions

Best Aspects of

  • Members must first complete a personality profile developed by Dr. Fisher. The test is designed to reveal biological components governing attraction. This gives the unique ability to match potential partners with a higher degree of accuracy.
  • The people you are introduced to all have the potential to stimulate chemistry, but you decide if you want to get to know them. The site offers you unique ways to learn about others via fun activities as well as opportunities to flirt.
  • There’s no need to search through databases. All potential matches are provided for you.
  • You aren’t required to subscribe to the service until you find a match you want to get to know.

Aspects They Could Add or Improve Upon

  • The only real downside is that is only offered in the U.S.

Features that Set Apart

What distinguishes the site from other Internet meeting places is the credibility of Dr. Fisher. On the website’s “Buzz” section you’ll find an impressive array of videos and articles on which both she and the site have been spotlighted. The list includes the Today Show, Time Magazine, ABC News, the New York Times, and the Christian Science Monitor, among others.

Membership Costs

Subscription plans are highly flexible. There are a variety of different pricing options with a selection of short or long-term membership periods, all at a low monthly rate. This makes it easy to choose a package that’s right for you.