Great Expectations

If you’re tired of the bar scene, and you’re tired of online dating sites, Great Expectations “might” offer another way of finding your soul mate.

Proceed with caution though.

The Great Expectations service has been available to singles for over 30 years. And a quick search on the web might bring up a few negative reports about the company. But if you have money to spend, and if you think a one-on-one dating service would fit your needs, then Great Expectations “might” be perfect for you.

But I still advise caution.

Signing Up For Great Expectations

Unlike most online dating sites where you can create a profile and start browsing member profiles, Great Expectations requires an extensive registration process to become a member. You fill out a quick form online with your name, address and phone number as well as your income bracket, your interests and what you are looking for in a partner.

Once you finish that, you would think that you can start making your profile and searching other member’s profiles, but you can’t do that quite yet.

In fact, you can’t really do anything on the Great Expectations site other than read their success stories and some company profile information.

Once you have completed the information form, they tell you that they will give you a call to set up a live, face to face meeting with one of their representatives. It doesn’t say how long it will take them to call you though.

When they call you, they will ask you more questions about you and what you are looking for. If you pass these questions they will allow you to schedule an appointment. After you have scheduled your appointment at your local office, you will go in for a 1-3 hour appointment at your local Great Expectations office.

During this appointment you will need to bring financial information and allow them to run a full background check on you. After your background check and your credit check have come back, they will let you know how much you will need to pay to be a member.

Great Expectations Membership

The Great Expectations website doesn’t offer any information unless you’re already a member. So I called my local office and asked them how many members there are at Great Expectations.

They told me that this is private information and could not be disclosed.

I was also promised that their director would call me back with more information, but that never happened.

So I decided to be resourceful and search the net and see what people had to say about Great Expectations.

I didn’t find much positive feedback. Apparently scads of people feel like they have been scammed by Great Expectations.

Great Expectations Features

Once you have become a member (at your initial appointment) a Great Expectations representative will take pictures of you and record a 4 minute video of you. You will then be able to browse through other local singles profiles, pictures and videos. As a member you will also be invited to member only parties, meet and greets and other events.

Great Expectations Customer Support

If you want to contact Great Expectations without a membership, you can pretty much forget it. The Great Expectations “contact us” page takes you back to the Great Expectations home page.

I called my local Great Expectations office after finding their phone number on Dex.

I asked several typical questions. Most of them didn’t get answered. The Great Expectation representative kept telling me that they “can not give out that information”.

My questions were things like:

  • How much does a Great Expectations membership cost?
  • How many members does Great Expectations have?
  • What kind of screening process does Great Expectations have in place?
  • How do you contact Great Expectations customer support?
  • What features are available to Great Expectations members?

The only information she gave me was what services the members will receive which is mentioned above. She did take my name and number down and tell me that the office director would contact me shortly, but that was hours ago, and it’s now past office hours and still no response.


All in all, if you are looking to video date, or have a live person meet you face to face and find you someone and have money to blow, you might try Great Expectations, but be sure that you get all the information up front.

Don’t let the sales people push you into anything.

Remember, people in sales work for commission and will tell you anything to get you to buy.

Get everything in writing and keep copies of all transactions.

And by all means, read about Great Expectations on some other sites before making a decision. Here are a few pages that might be useful for that purpose: