Lavalife Review

This Lavalife review features the Lava Life Online Dating Website. LavaLife “heats up the internet dating scene with some spicy features you won’t find at just any dating website”. In other words, Lavalife Online Dating service specializes in no-strings-attached, just-for-fun and not-serious dating. If you’re looking for sexual dating relationships that won’t get too serious, you could do worse that checking out Lava Life online dating.

The Lavalife Dating Website is probably best for the 18-40 year old online daters. People signing up for LavaLife are tend to be colorful, full of life pleasure seekers. Your mailman probably isn’t a member, though your secretly saucy librarian might just be. (That’s for those towns full of saucy librarians, of course.)

Lavalife Profile

Don’t get me wrong. Online singles looking for serious dating relationships and just-friends connections have no reason to avoid the site. LavaLife offers services to singles looking for long lasting love and relationships, but there are special sections for a more casual dating scene. Serious dating partners are not all you’ll find on the menu. You have options at the Lavalife internet chat rooms.

Lava Life Chat Rooms

LavaLife Dating ReviewLavaLife heats it up with online chat communities that feature not only a “Relationship” section, but an “Intimate Encounters” section and yet another section for online daters looking to meet other singles interested in “Casual Dating”. These are specific distinctions, so you don’t get mixed signals about the kind of date you want. So if you go into the “Relationship chat room”, you won’t be meeting people who are looking for sex only. And if you enter into “Intimate Encounters chats”, you won’t find people looking to settle down and get married. “Casual Dating” is more of a gray area, where people aren’t interested only in sex at a hotel, but aren’t necessarily looking for a serious relationship, too. You might call casual dating the companionship with a good chance for intimacy.

LavaLife Members and Memberships

LavaLife boasts more than five million registered members since 1987, which has its good side and its downside. We know there are not five million “Active” members, though that’s the implication when you read how many members have signed up. It stands to reason that in those 21 years, a few people have wandered away from their LavaLife profiles, leaving them inactive or dormant. However, 5 Million is a really big number, so you should have a pretty large dating pool to choose from. In fact, about 1.3 MILLION messages are sent to and from LavaLife members every day.

That means you’re going to find a lot of people you can connect to both physically and romantically, whether you’re after a few casual dating match ups, an intimate encounter or a more serious long term relationship. LavaLife features three online dating communities to choose from.

Lava Life Chat Rooms

Lavalife Dating Communities

The “Casual dating”, “an intimate encounter”, and “relationship” community area’s of the website are the three internet dating communities offered at Lavalife.

Having three separate sections of the website for these three categories makes it simple enough to find someone that’s looking for the same things out of a match up that you have in mind. Perhaps you’re looking for a serious long term relationship, but in the meantime, you’re interested in a few more intimate meet ups, you could join both of these communities. There’s no miscommunication. It’s right there on the page. Everyone knows up front what everyone else is into.

Signing up at

In two pretty simple steps you can become a member of In fact, thousands of people do just that every single week. The process is quicker than some of the websites out there, so you’ll be searching profiles in a few minutes. Once you get all signed up, post a free profile so that available and interested parties near you can get in touch. Paid profiles give you access to more information, of course.

Lavalife Live Phone Chat – 24 Hours a day

Once you sign up as a LavaLife member, you will have access to LavaLife’s 24 hour phone chat as well. Phone chatting with LavaLife is free as always for women, which is an incentive to draw in the ladies. For guys, there’s going to be some extra charges.

LavaLife Free Registration

Not only can the prospective online dating world register for LavaLife for free, free members can also reply, browse and email other LavaLife members. The service used to be available as a pay as you go model, and some users are still using the original credit system. However, new LavaLife members will be billed on a monthly basis, simply purchasing a month of services at a time on a subscription basis.

Lavalife! Video Chat Dating

LavaLife offers members the ability to email each other, instant message and send smiles. Smiles are meant to show interest. Unlike many online dating sites, LavaLife offers Video Chat.

Fun Stuff at LavaLife

In addition to the above services, LavaLife also offer members a weekly dating horoscope and access to the LavaLife online dating magazine.

Lavalife Customer Service

LavaLife prefers that you contact them via email or the handy help form located on their website for assistance. In fact, the Lavalife telephone number wasn’t the easiest to track down. If you have a question, or need help signing up, give them a call 1-866-554-5282.

LavaLife Privacy Policy

LavaLife does take your privacy seriously. In fact, a separate number is available for the LavaLife internet dating community‘s security issues, questions and concerns. To reach the LavaLife security team dial toll free at 1-888-265-1633. However, when our reviewers tried this number on December 4th, 2008, our call was forwarded to an automated voice messaging system and the mailbox was full.