How to Introduce Yourself without Telling Too Much

Introducing yourself without telling too much is an art form. You want to truthfully represent your personality, but you also want to make a good first impression. So when you introduce yourself on an online dating site, you need to choose your words carefully and give the right spin to your introductory profile. Below, I’ve included example of “how to introduce yourself without telling too much” when filling out an internet dating personal information form.

Be Truthful But Be Flattering

Keep in mind two things when introducing yourself online. One, don’t lie about your background. If the idea is to meet someone special, you don’t want to start your relationship with a list full of lies. This doesn’t mean you have to be brutally honest, though, which brings me to my second point.

Two, be flattering to yourself, because no one else will be. You need to portray yourself honestly, but in the most positive light. This means you need to be upbeat, positive and confident about the various aspects of your life, even if this doesn’t come naturally. The great advantage to writing down an introduction and introducing yourself conversationally is you can introduce yourself in a calm, deliberative fashion. A face-to-face introduction happens instantly, and there’s little time to edit your thoughts or words. Therefore, an online introduction allows you to be a good editor of your life to this point.

Introduce Yourself – Dating Online – Getting Started

How to Introduce Yourself in Online DatingLet’s get through the basics first, if you’ve never filled out an online dating form. When you are looking for a date online, you find a site, register and make your profile. You can find instructions on how to make a profile that will get noticed here on our site. This article goes more in depth of how to tell about you without telling too much.

You’ll probably be stumped at first when introducing yourself. Many people have a hard time telling about themselves anyway, but when you’re specifically writing an introduction, people become especially self-conscious. But sitting in front of the computer, you can forget about your self-consciousness and put the best spin on your life.

Seem Interesting When Introducing Yourself

First off, seem interesting. This is a matter of projecting confidence, which is typically the most important way to impress another person. And if you want people interested in you, then you need to seem interested in yourself. When your fill out your profile, you can make your life seem to be a very boring if you don’t give enough info.

However, there are also those people that tell you way too much information. So where do you draw the line? When have you told too much information about yourself?

Leave Them Wanting More – How To Introduce Yourself in Online Dating

Most online dating sites have profile templates where all you have to do is fill in the information in each section. This makes the process easier for those shy people that don’t know what to say by giving them an idea of where to start. Give up the basic generic information. You can fill in the blanks later.

Be Different – Online Dating Introduction Tips

Online Dating Introduction TipsOf course, you want your profile to be unique. That is what will get it noticed. Now, don’t get me wrong; you don’t want your online dating profile to be checked out because you have some drunken picture of you dancing in a pink tutu. That’s the wrong kind of attention most of the time, though some people would suggest that outrageous behavior projects confidence. Still, how many women want to date a guy in a ballerina outfit?

Be Specific, But Imply More About Yourself

In the “about me” section, tell people what you like to do, but don’t make it sound as if that is all you know how to do. Imply that you have many different interests, while emphasizing the ones you are most interested in. You might use the phrase “These are the hobbies I’m most interested in at the minute…”, so you don’t pigeonhole yourself as a darts player for life.

Also, you don’t want to tell everyone that you drink every day until you pass out, or that you have had 6 jobs in the last 3 months. These may be true, but it’s not laying to leave these facts unsaid. You can always address that later.

Introduce Yourself Without Telling too Much

Now we are not trying to tell you to lie about who you are or make people think you to be something that you are not. Just don’t tell the more personal details of your life. These are better left for later discussions, when your date or relationship partner already has an opinion about you. I highly doubt telling people that you can belch the ABC’s is going to get you a lot of positive responses.

I have compiled a list of examples of what I’m talking about. You can see the alternatives to what you might have said on your personal internet dating profile, and use them as a guide for how to introduce yourself without telling too much. Notice that we don’t lie in these edits.

1. I have 4 children by 4 different dads.

Introduction Without Telling Too Much: I have 4 wonderful children.

2. I just divorced my 6th wife.

Introduction Without Telling Too Much: I am currently single. I just had a long term relationship end.

3. I don’t have a job.

Introduction Without Telling Too Much: I am currently in the middle of a career change.

4. I don’t have my own car.

Introduction Without Telling Too Much: “I use public transportation. This helps our dependence on foreign oil.” or “I bike to work. I’m in a phase where I try to get more exercise.”

5. I am over weight.

Introduction Without Telling Too Much: I have recently started a new exercise program.

6. I am online looking because I can’t get a date.

Introduction Without Telling Too Much: I’ve been in a phase where I have focused on my career, but now I want to focus on my personal life.

7. I am looking for a one night stand.

Introduction Without Telling Too Much: I’m not looking for a serious or long term relationship. I want to have fun with no strings attached.

As you see, you can write your online dating profile without lying, but also not portraying yourself as a slug. Don’t go overboard with your answers and don’t get too cute, or it will turn people off. Be truthful. Be positive. Be confident in who you are.

Finally, don’t give any more revealing details than you have to. If you’ve ever had someone walk up to you on the street or at a party and reveal their life story to you, you probably came away thinking the person was a little strange or, at the very least, a little needy. That’s how potential dating partners will feel if you tell too much about yourself during an introduction. So remember these four words when considering how to introduce yourself without revealing too much: truth, positivity, brevity and confidence.